Monday, November 8, 2010

The Jenticha script for writing Sunuwar (Kõits)

The Jenticha script is used for writing Sunuwar (Kõits), a Kiranti language of the Tibeto-Burman family, which is spoken in eastern Nepal and Sikkim. The script was developed by K. B. Jenticha (Sunuwar) in the 1940s. It is used primarily in Sikkim. The image below shows the original script (sourced from the Kirat Sunuwar Welfare Society); it has evolved to include more letters since its creation.

I have written a preliminary proposal for Jenticha. I am also working on an OpenType font for Jenticha, which will accompany the formal proposal to encode the script in Unicode. I welcome any information that will help me develop the Unicode encoding for Jenticha.

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  1. Hi Sumit, I am eager to proceed on the Unicode encoding for Jenticha; however, I have not had contact with anyone from the Sunuwar community for a while. Are you a user of the script?